• It's Not Just About Wear. Do You Know When to Say When?

    There are many reasons why tires should be replaced. Here are some Ricks Repair Service recommendations based on currently available information:

  • Most small cuts and punctures in the tread area (up to 1/4"in size) can be repaired by trained personnel using industry-approved methods. These tires can be returned to service if they have not been driven on while flat or with very low inflation pressure.
  • Tires should be replaced when their remaining tread depth is no longer appropriate for the weather conditions expected to be encountered. Tire Rack recommends replacing tires at approximately 5/32" of remaining tread depth for driving in snow, 4/32" for driving on wet roads and 2/32" for driving on dry roads.
  • Tires that have been in use for five (5) years or more should be carefully inspected periodically for external signs of aging. While this inspection will confirm the condition of the exterior rubber, it cannot assess internal degradation or damage.
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